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Acer Iconia W510 will go on sale November 9th. Priced at $500 and up

Acer Iconia W510

As the launch event for Windows 8 is approaching we are seeing more and more tablets and laptops compatible with the new OS being announced. Now Acer has announced the details about pricing and availability of its Iconia W510 tablet in a press release the company released today. Acer Iconia W510 as you may know is a tablet that runs Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform. But that is not what makes it so special, the most notable thing about is its external keyboard that when attached with the tablet makes it look like a laptop instead of a slate. The silver keyboard that will be available for $150 separately can be closed onto the tablet just like a laptop, making it easier to carry around both the tablet and its accessory.


Acer Iconia W510 features impressive specifications that include a dual-core Intel Atom Z2760 processor that originates from Clover Trail series of Intel, which is accompanied by 2GB of RAM. W510 has a 10.1-inch IPS display that carries a resolution of 1366X768 pixels and has a Gorilla Glass 2 for maximum scratch resistance. To keep the price low Acer decided to exclude Ivy Bridge processor it is using in Acer Iconia W700 in favor of Intel Atom processor. The device has a rear 8-megapixel camera and a 2-megapixel camera on its front. Both front and back cameras are capable of recording 1080p HD video while the rear one can take 3264×2448 pixel still shots and has LED and auto focus support.


Acer Iconia W510 features a 64GB solid state storage, microSD card slot, micro-HDMI slot, and microUSB 2.0 port. Acer has promised 9 hours of battery life from tablet’s battery and an additional 9 hours from the dock.


Acer Iconia W510 tablet PC will be available for purchase on November 9th. The price range for this tablet is $499 to $749 depending on the device’s specifications.




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