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Anchos 101 XS Tablet And Its Special Keyboard Addition

Anchos 101 XS Tablet And Its Special Keyboard Addition

Anchos is a French based company dealing in production of tablets. It had been making its own version of tablets since internet media tablets became the in thing in the IT world. The truth needs to be said anyway that its brand is not as popular as other brands like Apple and Samsung. But the tablets had been discovered to be as reliable as any of these other ones. It is actually the best value tablet money can buy.


The 101 XS Android 4.0 tablet made by Anchos is specially made with the best of technological innovations. It is also made especially for budget minded individuals who may not have the money for those top end brands. The tablet offers some great features that you may not obtain in the bigger brands.


The tablet is made with a magnetic hinge. This brings about a close alignment between the display and the lid. It also has a kickstand and a keyboard cover. For a meager $400, you will be able to lay your hands on one of the tablets from the Anchos factory. These innovative pieces are expected to be available from November.

The 101 XS Android 4.0 tablet comes with some features like OfficeSuit Pro. Lots of other features had been added to it. The hardware and software also add great value to the product. You will fall in love with it at first sight.


Considering its price and the innovative technology involved in its making, it is expected to outrun some of the big names in the market today. The keyboard casing comes; not as an optional accessory, but as an integral part of the tablet. This typing functionality is something already arousing interest in the product.


The casing is white in color and looks rather cheap. The edge is however tapered the material with stainless steel frame.


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