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Angry Birds Star Wars for iOS, Android, and Desktop coming November 8th

Angry Birds Star wars

Rovio is on fire these days. First it released the Big Piggies game that became an instant hit and now it has announced a new version of Angry Birds. We recently told you about a Star Wars inspired Angry Birds game that might be released as an update to existing Angry Birds Space or as a  standalone version. Well that report has now become official as Rovio has announced the new Angry Birds Star Wars title for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac platforms.


The game as the name suggests will be inspired by the insanely popular Star Wars film series and will feature characters and other similarities to the series. The role of Luke Skywalker from the movie as the released poster suggests will be played by the main red bird while the role of Darth Vader will be played by the evil pig king. The game as anyone can predict will be an instant hit, as there’s no shortage of die hard Star Wars fans and of course Angry Birds has its place in the gaming world as well. The game is expected to feature similar gameplay as Angry Birds Space but with a Star Wars twist. Rovio’s Angry Birds Space’s gameplay was praised by many thanks to its precise gravitational movements Angry Birds series is known for.


Other than the game for mobile and desktop devices, Rovio and creators of Star Wars will also be releasing table games, toys, and costumes inspired by both the popular titles.


Rovio’s Angry Birds Star Wars will be available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows on November 8th. Here’s the launch trailer:

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