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Apple sells 5 million iPhone 5 units during launch weekend


The newly released Apple iPhone that features a new design, larger screen, LTE, and many other features was destined to success but no one has anticipated the response this particular device received when it became available for purchase. When iPhone 5 first became available for pre-orders Apple announced that it received over two million pre orders in less than 24 hours. The device launched on September 21st and we saw big lines outside of Apple stores indicating that this iPhone will definitely surpass previous iPhone sales. All we had were speculations until Apple published the press release stating that the sales it’s flagship smartphone has received from nine countries it was launched in on September 21.


The numbers are mind blowing. Apple inc. has announced that it has sold over 5 million iPhone units in the first weekend of sales. This number is record breaking and no other smartphone manufacturer has ever come close to it. Even for Apple itself this number is record setting as the previous two iPhones models that include iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S  received 1.7 million and 4 million orders in the first three days of sale.


Along with announcing the sale numbers for iPhone 5 Apple also announced the number of devices that have been upgraded to iOS 6.0 by users all around the world. Again the numbers announced by Apple are amazing as Cupertino based company announced that it’s advanced mobile operating system that powers iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch has been installed on over 100 million devices. This number is great for Apple as iOS was only released publicly on 19th September.


Many analysts and experts believed that a large number of users will restrain themselves from upgrading to iOS 6 due to it’s unfinished maps app and because it does not bring anything new to the table, but after knowing the total number of devices that have been updated to iOS 6.0 I can safely say that they have been proven wrong and there’s much more to iOS 6 than an unfinished maps app, that to be fair lacks in many areas.


As far as iPhone 5 is concerned it has lived up to the expectations of many independent analysts who were looking for solid sale numbers from iPhone 5. A new taller screen, faster processor, thinner design and other new features have like always done the trick for Apple this time around too.

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