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Apple To Introduce New iPod Models Next Week

Apple To Introduce New iPod Models Next Week

According to a new report by 9to5Mac, Apple is going to refresh its line up of iPods next week at its September 12 event. The report suggests that the new models of iPod touch, iPod Shuffle, and iPod nano will be introduced alongside iPhone 5.


9to5Mac that received this information from its source, reports that Apple will announce two different models of iOS powered iPod touch. The first model will be an entry level model with minimum storage capacity. This model will be a tweaked version of current generation iPod touch with better specifications and include the new dock connector Apple is rumored to add in the iOS devices.

The second model will be revamped model of iPod touch that will feature a new design, and possibly a larger screen like the iPhone 5. It will come in 32GB and 64GB variants and cost $299 and $399  respectively.


Secondly in its report 9to5Mac writes that although they have heard about Apple announcing the new 2012 model of iPod nano next week, they are unsure of its features. But they speculate that it might feature some new design and internal changes that will make it significantly different than the current model. The new device will come in eight colors.


Lastly the report mentions that the new iPod shuffle will also be announced at Apple’s September 12 event. 9to5Mac’s source suggests that this particular model of iPod line up won’t get major upgrades, and will come in eight different colors instead of just five.


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