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Bing And Its Many Integrations In Its Social Sidebar

Bing And Its Many Integrations In Its Social Sidebar

Microsoft has not finished surprising us with its latest innovations and updates. From now on, it will be possible to access contents from Microsoft and Quora directly on Bings’s social side bar. The contents obtainable at the side bar will be those ones that have to do with Quora expert topics. The link will not give much attention to pother information derivable from Facebook friend posts.


Through the partnership between Quora and Microsoft, the former is planning to get more audience considering the size and reach of Microsoft, this expectation is expected to become reality with time.


Everyone who uses Bing will now be able to have direct link to Quora site. Signing into Quora will just be a click away. They will also have first hand access to the questions posted on Quora. Any answer that Quora user has posted will also be made available on the Bing link.

It is however possible to prevent your answers being features on the Bing link. All you need do is to disallow search engine indexing. This can be done in your Quora settings. The integration is expected to increase the number of users that visit Quora.


Aside the inclusion of Quora, Bing is also permitting the integration of Foursquare in its side bar. This further expands the network of partners with Bing. Aside Foursquare and Quora, Bing also integrates other sites like Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. More integration are expected in the nearest future.


With the integrations mentioned above, Quora may soon become one of the mainstream sites online. The owner of the site, Adam D’Angelo, expects the site to grow bigger with time. He expects more people to take interest in it as time goes by.


Embeddable quite feature had also been integrated by Quora. This is expected to further boost the site and make it more profitable than it had ever been in times past.

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