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Coolpix S800c – Nikon’s First Smart Camera Powered by Android OS

Coolpix S800c – Nikon's First Smart Camera Powered by Android OS

There is no doubt that the latest technology that has been employed in the manufacturing of digital cameras is fascinating. You can be able to take amazing high quality photos with these gadgets and as new models of camera are launched, new features on them also come as an additional  surprise to many.


For instance, Nikon just announced it new piece of technology, the Coolpix S800c and this is without doubt going to drive many gadget fanatics into a new excitement after handing this digital camera. Being the First Android-Powered camera Nikon is releasing, the S800c is no doubt one of the company’s finest as well.


There are many amazing features that will make this camera different from any other model.  The Coolpix S800c boasts of  Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n equipped which will help in data transfer from the camera to other gadgets and cloud services.


The camera is powered by Gingerbread and is equipped with full view for Google play application store. Nikon coolpix S800c camera is very light to carry around since it weighs 6.5 ounces with a thickness of 1.1 inch.  The camera features a 16 Megapixels sensor, 10x digital zoom and shoots full 1080p HD videos.  The camera boasts a 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen panel which will allow you to use your favorite Android apps and surf the web thank to the built in Wi-fi.


It is amazing to see the features that this camera has and this is one of the cameras that is expected to cause a sensation when it will be released into the market. Nikon has made it possible for gadget enthusiasts to have a powerful camera which will allow them to fire up applications and surf the web.


The release date will be for September as expected and the MSRP is estimated to be $349.95 in US and £379 in UK.  The camera will be available in either black or white color and therefore you will have the best choice for the gadget that you need.


Stay tuned for the review.


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    Wow. Thats a cool camera.