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Dhingana Hits Town With Its Ground Breaking Ad Platform

Dhingana Hits Town With Its Ground Breaking Ad Platform

Dhingana, The Indian streaming service provider decided to build its brand and reduced its attention on monetization in 2007. As at then, this was not seen by thy majority as a wise decision. But today, that particular decision is paying off.


Today, up to 11 million users now make use of these service provided by the company. Several Bollywood production houses also depend on it largely today. It also records as many as 500 music labels among its use. This move seems to be making more money for the company than any previous monetization moves it had ever made with its brand.


In order to further the reach of the brand, Dhingana has decided to launch an advertising platform. This platform is targeted at mobile carriers, independent musicians, music labels, movie production studios and any other advertisers. The advertising platform is designed in such a way that it can target ads on several factors like audience demographics, geo—location, platform and music genre.

The platform is already showing promises. During test run performed on the platform using the film ‘Cocktail’, up to 100,000 audio streams were recorded just within 18 hours. After about 5 days, up to 1 million streams had been captured.


Users will be able to advertise on the site and they can also subscribe for various services provided there. But only a very small fraction of revenue is expected to be generated through subscription with the lion share of revenue coming from advertising.


The platform is also accessible through mobile device. Practical all makes of mobile devices had been linked with it. Some of them are Nokia, blackberry android and iOS. To date, up to 7 million mobile users have visited the platform. The number is expected to rise as the days go by. The platform is quickly becoming a must by for advertisers.

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