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Freelancer acquires Scriptlance – A month later

Freelancer acquires Scriptlance - A month later

Monday, July 9, 2012.  A memorable day for Freelancer.com who acquired its major competing freelancing site, Scriptlance which was based in Canada in an all-cash deal.


Till date, the exact amount has not been made known to the general public but the impacts have been quite significant to the ex-Scriptlance users.


It has been more than a month since this acquisition, so how was the former Scriptlance Users experience with Freelancer so far?


Scriptlance, which was the #5 freelance marketplace in the world and boasting about 360, 000 users was just a dream within a day. A former Scriptlance user who preferred to keep his anonymity says:


I was baffled! I was just going to Scriptlance for bidding on some projects and I got the shock of my life. “Freelancer had acquired Scriptlance”. I wanted to cry. The nightmare was about to begin. I was an established Freelancer in Scriptlance and I had my reasons for not using Freelancer.com.


Based on this statement, it is clear that Freelancer has some major disadvantage over Scriptlance which was the favorite of hundreds of thousands of users.


Till date, several former Scriptlance users are complaining about this acquisition, which was a surprise for many. No notifications were sent to users concerning this major decision. It was an upsetting surprise for many Scriptlance users.


So what could possibly be the problem with Freelancer acquiring Scriptlance?  Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of this Acquisition:



  • Former Scriptlance users were added to Freelancer which had a current database, boasting 3.6 Million users roughly.
  • They would have a wider range of works and also increase their chance of getting more work.
  • A free 30 days membership to welcome the new users.



  • Users were not informed.
  • It took a maximum of 3 days for some Scriptlance users to get back to work and several days more for their important messages to get transferred.
  • Not all messages were transferred.
  • The user interface was literally new for many.
  • Feedbacks were not visible, till they informed that Scriptlance users should verify their account to get their Feedbacks back.
  • Fees, fees and fees. That’s the main nightmare of most former Scriptlance users. No more $5 fee for projects under $100 and 5% fee for projects above $100. No more Unlimited Bids. No more cancelling a project without it remaining in search engines. Everything has a fee. You pay to buy bids, you pay to delete a cancelled project and you even pay so you can pay less *irony*.
  • It is also noted that the currency conversion rate is exorbitantly high and they take huge fees.


We can clearly see that the Cons are surely more than the Pros. Several Scriptlance users have complained about this change and they also claim that they had not even to enjoy Payable.com which was  an add-on marketplace to Scriptlance.


However, there is a great population of former Scritplance users who like this change.


If you are a former Scriptlance user who got into the Freelancer Database, what is your opinion about this change? Did you like the transfer from Scriptlace to Freelancer or you really are annoyed with this?


Share your views with us.



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  • Shane

    That’s the debate of this year. I am one annoyed scriptlance user who got entangled in this freelancer web. I really hate this site, so I decided to move to Odesk.

  • Miquel

    I really loved Scriptlance. I hate the idea of paying for bids, which is why I used Scriptlance in the first place. I hate that SL is gone. Buying bids puts all of the work into the hands of the few that can afford to lose money bidding. No matter how you look at it, its less money for programmers. Lets build and promote a new SL type site.

    • Sabir Muhammad

      I totally agree with you. Freelancers surely need some new platform.

  • Chaim Kovalsky

    The way Freelancer.com operates is not only immoral and spoiling the market. This is also ILLEGAL. Will spill some beans soon…