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Google adds Street View to its Maps web app for iOS devices


Apple has removed the native Google Maps from the latest version of iOS and the replacement it has added is its own Maps app, which is horrible. Sadly there’s no Google Maps app available in the App Store yet, so the only option available to iOS users if they want to use Google Maps on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is through the web app in Safari browser. The web app does the job quite nicely and is a good solution until the native app by Google hits the App Store. The only drawback is that it is significantly slower than the native app iOS users have been using for years. Apart from slowness it also lacks a few features that were part of the native app including the popular Street view. But that changed this morning as Google has rolled out the Street View feature for all iOS users who are accessing the Maps through its web app.


If you got an iOS device then you can open the Google Maps on your iOS device by pointing your browser to maps.google.com. To see a Street View of your selected location, simply tap on the little person icon located at the bottom of your screen. Tapping on this icon will open a new tab in your browser in which the Street View of the specified location will appear. Simply swipe left or right to change to the view of the camera and see how different locations actually look like right from your iOS device. The Street View feature of Google Maps web app works on all locations that actually have a street view.


As the Street View opens in a new tab, you can get back to the map by simply tapping the X button located at the top of Street View screen. Tapping on this button will close the Street View page and take you back to the original page.


Here’s how Google Maps Street View on an iOS device look like.



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