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Google Play store surpasses 25 billion downloads. Celebrates by offering discounts


Google Play Store for Android powered devices is celebrating 25 billionth download today. The store that provides instant app downloads for both paid and free content around the world to millions of tablet and smartphone owners is celebrating this milestone it has achieved with a celebratory sale for its customers. Right now Google is offering music, movies and books at a discounted rate and will keep on doing it for over the next five days. Many game developers including big names such as EA, Gameloft, Rovio, and several others have slashed the prices of their major titles to $0.25 for this special occasion.


Along with discount on apps Google will also be offering special collections on store items at special prices such as 25 movies you must own, 25 books to read, 25 albums to listen etc.


Along with announcing the 25 billion download milestone its Play store for Android has achieved, Google also made public the number of apps and games that are available in it’s store. According to Google there are over 675,000 apps and games available in the Play store right now.


Google writes on it’s Android blog


Twenty-five billion is more than twice the distance, in miles, that the Voyager 1 spacecraft has travelled since its launch 35 years ago. It’s the amount of time, in minutes, that have passed since some of our earliest ancestors began to set foot in Europe.


For comparison, Apple’s App Store that is the largest curated App Store of the world right now has over 700,000 applications available for download that have been downloaded over 30 billion time according to the data Apple made public at WWDC in June.
If you own an Android device then head to the Google Play store to buy your favorite apps while they are on sale. There is no rush though as the sale will stay on through out the week.

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