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Google to release a $99 tablet this year?

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Yes you read it right folks, Google is rumored to be releasing a new Nexus tablet this year which will be unbelievably priced at $99. This new tablet by Google just like the Nexus 7 will be manufactured by Asus. According to a report by Chinese news site DigiTimes, Google will release two new Nexus tablets that will replace the popular Nexus 7. One of the version will be a $99 entry level model while the other one will be a comparatively high end $199 model.


When we analyzed the manufacturing costs for the current Nexus 7 we came to know that the original bill for Nexus 7′s 8GB model was $151 and for 16GB model it was $159 so to make a $100 slash in price practical Google will have to lower the specifications of the current Nexus 7 dramatically, while keeping the device powerful enough to run apps and Android software effectively.


Asus has denied this rumor but we will take their denial as a grain of salt because no company confirms reports about it’s upcoming products in advance, and for DigiTimes we are not sure whether their report is legitimate or not but it is interesting nevertheless. By releasing a $99 tablet Google could instantly dominate the tablet market and make it’s Android platform the number tablet operating system of the planet. Currently this title is held by Apple’s iOS that has remained unbeaten since the release of original iPad.


The tablet wars between iOS and Android are getting severe, as Apple is also expected to be launching a smaller 7-inch iPad to compete with cheaper Android tablets that sell at $150-199 price point. And if the rumor regarding a $99 Nexus is true, then it is a bigger challenge for Apple if it wants to retain its monopoly of the market. [DigiTimes]

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