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Goophone I5 – iPhone 5 Already Cloned With Android OS in China

Goophone I5 - iPhone 5 Already Cloned With Android OS in China

While Apple is still keeping the fans excited about the iPhone 5 that is yet to be released and still considered as a rumor by many, Chinese cloners from the company Goophone have already taken a leap forward and released a clone of the iPhone 5 powered by Android 4.0.


The funny thing is Apple is still keeping its fans in the dark and the Chinese cloners have already created a phone based on what Apple decided to show to the public; what I mean is the parts Apple has been releasing. We can notice that maybe Apple wanted to simply avoided Chinese cloners from making the iPhone before it’s released, but they actually used the wrong tactics. Well, only Apple knows what was its plan in showing the iPhone 5 in bits to the general public.


While iPhone 5 is expected to be a massive Samsung s3 killer, we can’t know this yet till the phone is showcased to the public. For the time being, let’s take a look at this iPhone 5 clone powered by Android. The fans of Android who would like to use an “iPhone” with their favorite OS and use killer apps for free will always have this option as a backup to have a cheap iPhone 5 phone powered by Android.


So, let’s take a look at the specs of this clone. Chinese cloners surely have done a great job copying the iPhone 5 even before it’s official announcement and release. Apple who has been leaking it’s patent pictures is surely regretting that it’s design is already out *lol*. The cloners have not given Apple a chance to release it’s stuff and they have powered this beautifully designed phone with the popular Android.  The Goophone I5 (clone of the iPhone 5) boasts a 3.5 inch screen unlike the rumored 4.0 inch Retina Display of the future iPhone 5 and instead of the Apple logo at the back, the Goophone I5 have a Honeycomb logo which looks like a “Bee-Droid”.


The released images of the Goophone I5 show that, the Chinese cloners did an amazing job at copying Apple’s future iPhone 5, but it’s still unclear what the Goophone I5 will accommodate internally, but for the Android fans who would like to have an iPhone-designed device powered by Android, this phone would do the job. Not only it’s powered by Android, but it also has got the design of the still unreleased iPhone 5.


Below are some pictures of the Goophone I5 which I found around the web:


Goophone i5 - Digimunch


Goophone i5 Backplate - Digimunch


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