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Hands-on With The iPhone 5 – The Biggest Thing To Happen to iPhone Since iPhone

Yup, the iPhone 5 is finally officially announced. The long waiting is now over and the iPhone 5 will be in stores in a week. Some hours ago, Apple has announced its new generation of iPhone, iPad and it’s new lineup of iPods as well as the iOS6. Let’s have a little look at the iPhone 5 for now.


All the details have been revealed to the world and Apple fans are surely going crazy about having this phone in their hands as soon as possible. Apple has set the pre-order for September 14 and for physical purchase, it will be for sale in Apple Stores starting September 21 at 8.00am. If you really want the phone before anyone else, grab your card and get ready to pre-order it. If you can wait, then you can have as from September 21, in your nearby stores.


It’s sad that I won’t be having the iPhone this year for sure since the new type of sim card, known as the nano-sim which the iPhone 5 uses does not exist in my country (Mauritius) yet. Maybe, they will be making it when they bring the iPhone 5 locally.


Well, let’s get to the technical specs of this flagship by Apple.


Design and Nano SIM Card

The new design is, in my opinion, the best phone design I have seen so far. Being totally sleek and elegant, this aesthetic piece of hardware has a body built in solid Aluminium which is solid and one of its kind. Hopefully it will reduce internal damages if if falls down, but I am afraid that it may get dents on the body and permanent scratches are probable upon fall.



The totally new thing about the iPhone 5 is that the latter will now use the nano SIM card. Apple managed to get a new standard for SIM cards approved by the European Telecommunications Institute (ETSI) back in June, and today we see the astonishing result of that effort. This new type of SIM card, which is 44% smaller than the current micro-SIM cards surely is something not to be taken for granted. This actually frees up lots of space in the phone, giving Apple for space to work with to improve battery life, thus being able to remain on par with its predecessors while still holding its 4-inch display. 500, 000 Vodafone nano-SIM cards are ready for the new iPhone 5.





New connector and Processor

Since 2003, Apple kept the same iPod connector for all iPhones and iPods(except the shuffle). Finally Apple decided to make a change and it’s now using the Lightning port. The rumors turned out to be true. The new 8-pin port is 80% smaller than the previous connector and transports only digital data. It’s durability has been improved and it’s also now easier to use. Apple did not give much detail about this cable. So, we still don’t know whether it can be used for other stuff like other than charging your phone.  On thing for sure is that the smaller connector was taken into consideration for making a slimmer iPhone.



The iPhone 5 has a new A6 chip built-in, 2x CPU power, 2x graphics performance, yet consumes less energy and this is just stunning. Cook says that the size of the transistor was shrunk and is now 22%  less than that of the A5 chip., thus more efficient in terms of energy. Cook also promises that the app will load 2.1 faster than in previous models of iPhones. Well, the benchmarks are not out yet. Just stay tuned. Let’s move on for now.




Apple finally decided to go big screen-wise. This is one part of the new iPhone that really attracts me and in my opinion this is actually the real draw in this phone. The new 4-inch Retina display is at a resolution of 1136×640 pixels at 326ppi and it gives space for a fifth row of icons on the homepage, thus we will toggle less back and forth *lol*. According to the technical specs on Apple website, the iPhone 5 has a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on front and has support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously.




New stuff added for the iPhone 5 making it more attractive. So what have we got there? The camera is actually the same as the iPhone 4S but packed in a sleeker housing. However, it brings along some new features which will really please you. The camera boasts an 8 mega-pixels iSight sensor, does 1080p HD video recording  up to 30 frames per second with audio, face detection in video and still images, LED flash, improved video stabilization, photo and video geotagging.


That’s not all though. The iPhone 5 can now take panoramic photos at up to 28 mega-pixels which is just amazing. Apps like 360 Panorama will now have to compete with Apple’s default app to convince their current users.



Power and Battery

The iPhone 5 is surely larger than the iPhone 4S, but it’s battery life surely is better. The comparison below shows the battery life of the iPhone 5 v/s that of the iPhone 4s. There are several factors that could have given a better battery life such as the iPhone 5 having a sleeker, thinner body, more space for the battery with the introduction of the nano-SIM and so on. This is surely a great adavantage since the iPhone 5 boasts a bigger, brighter and better screen than the iPhone 4S.




Finally Apple has solved it’s headphone problems with the introduction of it’s new Earpods which is built-in mic as well. Apple has completely redesigned the headphones and the new ones surely look promising. They have been tailored to fit in everyone’s ear since Apple said that they took into consideration that’s everyone’s ears are different and thus it’s headphone should fit everyone. A port has been built in the back with goal to create better mid-tones and there’s one in the stem and the primary one for delivering sound to the inside of your ear. The new Earpods ship today as stand-alone and come along with the new line up of iPods and iPads as well.





The iPhone 5 will be available in both black and white at the same price points as the previous generation: $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for the 32GB version and $399 for the 64GB variant. I am glad Apple kept it this way and not increased the price. However, we have yet to see the prices of the unlocked ones, if and only if they will be available soon since many countries do not have the nano-SIM yet.



Also, Apple has decided to still make and sell the older models of iPhone and they will now reduce the price of the older iPhone 4S 16GB to $99 and the iPhone 4 will be given free if you sign up the 2-year contract in the U.S. Not bad eh? This will allow more people to switch to an Apple smartphone increasing it’s user-base.




Final Words

The iPhone 5 has surely made an impact today, relieving the fans from the long wait.  All I can say is that the iPhone 5 is a real deal from Apple and they surely made something to compete with the Android flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The benchmarks of the iPhone 5 are not still out yet, but we will keep you posted, so stay tuned for more infos about the iPhone 5.


 Update: According to Orange Mauritius, the iPhone 5 will be available this year itself and they will be making the nanoSIM too. THey confirm that they will unlock the iPhone 5 for it’s usability with other Networks as well. Let’s wait for it. Hope it doesn’t take them too long for this release.




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