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Here’s What We Already Know About The Apple iPhone 5

Here's What We Already Know About The Apple iPhone 5

The long rumor is finally reaching to its end. After puzzling its fans and keeping them in the mystery and in the “rumor-zone” for months,  Apple finally decided to announce its flagship phone next week, the iPhone 5. Apple is going to announce iPhone 5 on September 12.


The company has already sent out invitations to major media outlets for it’s event. If we believe the rumors, there is not much we don’t know about the upcoming iPhone. Much information about the upcoming iPhone 5 has been rumored  to the public, the design of the phone has also apparently been leaked and the upcoming iPhone has already been cloned even before it’s announcement.

Funny eh!?



So what is Apple planning? We really don’t know exactly Apple’s plans but we have surely amassed some great piece of information during the past months about the upcoming iPhone 5. Apple has been giving us hints from time to time just to make it’s fans get excited and stuff, but should we trust the hints? Based on these information, we can surely know that the iPhone 5 will be something great but there is not much we can do other than waiting for the announcement.



Here in this post I am going to tell you about how iPhone 5 is going to be like based on rumors, leaks, and assumptions. Let’s get started!



iPhone5 - Digimunch


New design

It has been widely reported that the new iphone 5 will feature a new design that will be different from it’s predecessors including iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, that featured identical design. The new iPhone is expected to feature a thinner design and a new kind of back that will be made of metal instead of glass. The device is also said to be longer when it comes to height because of it’s 4-inch screen. Several images have been leaked around the web about the new iPhone 5 design and this even caused some Chinese to clone the phone even before its announcement.



Larger Screen

iPhone 5 is well expected to feature a screen that will be larger than every iPhone released ever before. According to several rumors, it will feature a 4-inch Retina display screen. The new longer screen will make the iPhone experience better as there will be more space for doing everything. The new screen size will make the iPhone experience for users even better and they will be able to enjoy games, read books, browse the internet, and watch videos in a much better way. Below is a video made by Macrumors which shows the rumored iPhon5 screen in action:





Faster processors and More RAM

It’s unclear whether Apple’s next iPhone will feature a brand new A6 processor or will pack A5X that is found in the new iPad (3rd generation). A5X is a dual core processor similar to iPhone 4S’s A5 but features enhanced GPU for faster graphics. But if we look at the competition than all the new Android and Windows Phone devices are rocking quad core processors. So it makes sense for the iPhone 5 to feature an A6 processor for good performance on 4-inch screen. It seems inevitable. But still we have to wait for the final words.

As it’s almost clear from the rumours that next iPhone will pack a 4-inch display. So to keep the performance balanced its expected that the new iPhone will carry 1GB RAM unlike it’s predecessor iPhone 4S that features 512MB of RAM.



Better Cameras

The camera found on iPhone 4S is mind blowing. It produces images that are better than many point and shoot cameras. Although we haven’t heard any rumors about iPhone 5′s cameras, it is safe to assume that Apple will give iPhone 5′s camera a boost and will add more megapixels and newer technology to make the picture taking experience for users even better. The rear camera is expected to be a 12 megapixels one.



Improved Specs

To compete with the army of Android devices already available in the market especially the current Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple will have to feature extra ordinary specifications in the iPhone 5 so that it could effectively continue the domination of the mobile industry just like it’s predecessors and get the crown. That’s what Apple wants after all. Below is a specs comparison chart of the specifications of popular Android and Windows Phone devices including HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, and Nokia Lumia 920 with the expected specifications of iPhone 5.





New Dock Connector

To keep things compact and give iPhone a thinner profile Apple is going to make the dock connector small. Next iPhone and all the upcoming iOS devices are expected to feature a small 9-pin dock connector. We have already seen this dock in the leaked images. The new connector will not only be small but also be able to perform the file transfers faster than the 32-pin dock connector.




And what about the name of the upcoming iPhone?

The next iPhone’s name has been a mystery from last few months. We have been naming it iPhone 5 since the beginning of months, and even in this article I have called it iPhone 5. Many people believe that Apple should not call it’s next iPhone as iPhone 5 because it has technically it is the sixth generation device. So will the name be iPhone 5 or something else? What about “NoobPhone v1.0 y Apple”. Sounds noob, isn’t it? Well, yeah it’s a noob name and makes no sense.


Actually the name of the phone will be in fact iPhone 5. This is at least the most certain information available to date since it’s Apple who gave us this hint officially when it sent its invitations this week for its next iPhone event. The invitation clearly hints that the new iPhone will be called iPhone 5 because the number 12 casts a shadow that makes a ’5′. Hence the sixth generation iPhone will be called iPhone 5.




So, Apple has surely done a great job at keeping its fans in the dark for months. The waiting for the iPhone 5 is surely reaching to an end. Will Apple release what it has shown to us or will it just surprise us with something totally out of expectation? We cannot know will September 12. Apple is surely going to surprise the mass. We cannot do anything so far except to wait for the official announcement date.


So, stay tuned for the official announcement. Subscribe to us to keep updated with this major event.



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  • Samuel

    I’m looking forward to this phone. I am a full Apple fan and I love the 4s. The iPhone 5 is surely going to be kick-ass! :D