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HP Announces New All-In-One SpectreONE Desktop PC To Compete With iMac

HP Announces New All-In-One SpectreONE Desktop PC To Compete With iMac

You thought HP’s PC lineup was dead? Think Again. HP has introduced it’s new all-in-one PC lineup with the unveiling of HP SpectreONE desktop computer.


The computer that is powered by Microsoft Windows 8 is a gorgeous looking device with silver design and thin screen. HP SpectreONE is a nice mixture of both style and performance as according to HP it features the latest Intel IvyBridge Processors and for graphics it sports a 1GB Nvidia card whose model name is unknown at this point of time.


HP has also added a wireless trackpad along with a wireless keyboard to the device that will enable users to take full advantage of Windows 8′s multitouch gestures. The 23.6-inch screen SpectreONE has is made of flush glass and can display graphics at 1080p. The screen that also works as the CPU of the computer is only 0.44-inches thick giving SpectreONE a beautiful look from front, back and sides. For storage HP SpectreONE features a SSD drive, that will provide fast boot up speeds and file access to the users.




Other notable features of this new all-in-one desktop computer include four USB ports, HDMI-in, Beats Audia headphone jack and NFC support. Out of four, two USB ports are of version 2.0 and two of version 3.0. It’s an intelligent computer which is brightly made. It’s literally Epic!


Those who are interested in buying this new HP computer will be pleased to know that the device will have Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and Adobe Premiere Elements 10 installed out of the box.


As far as the price and availability goes, HP SpectreONE will be available in the US for $1,299 in the month of November.


With this SpectreONE computer HP has clearly aimed at taking Apple’s iMac lineup down. Although SpectreONE features better specifications than the current iMac lineup, that could change very soon as Apple is expected to give it’s desktop PC lineup an upgrade in the coming months.



But the final words are; ” At last, we have an Apple killer”. Below is a Hands-on video of this new piece of technology by Booredatwork. The SpectreOne is really something that is worth buying.




Press release:


Art intersects technology with HP SpectreONE

The HP SpectreONE AiO PC has a gorgeous ultraslim design complemented by a 23.6-inch flush-glass full HD display and a unique curved back. At just 11.5 millimeters thin, the HP SpectreONE is the thinnest AiO PC in HP’s portfolio, and one of the thinnest AiO PCs available on the market today.


An accompanying stylish wireless trackpad, designed specifically for the HP SpectreONE, offers users freedom of movement with multitouch capabilities. Users can scroll, swipe and tap their way through the new Windows 8 environment.


As powerful as it is beautiful, the HP SpectreONE features the latest Intel processors, an NVIDIA 1-gigabyte graphics card, optional ExpressCache and optional SSD. It also delivers connectivity with HP’s TouchZone near-field communication (NFC) technology and a full array of ports, including two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI-in and a Beats Audio headphones jack. With HP’s TouchZone NFC technology, users simply tap a smartphone or NFC tags on the base of the HP SpectreONE to instantly transfer content or login to the PC.


An entertainment powerhouse, the HP SpectreONE offers Beats Audio, an HP TrueVision HD webcam and the new HP Connected Remote, HP Connected Photo and HP Connected Music. Full versions of Adobe Photoshop® Elements 10 and Adobe Premiere Elements 10 are provided to give users additional photo- and video-editing capabilities.


The HP SpectreONE is bundled with several services at no additional cost. To safeguard confidential data and thwart cyberthreats, the HP SpectreONE PC includes a two-year subscription to Norton Internet Security. The SpectreONE also gives users support from a dedicated team of experts, and 90 days of complimentary HP SmartFriend Services. HP SmartFriend Services provides stress-free assistance with PC setup and answers to all how-to questions. Customers receive prioritized treatment with a direct number, minimum wait time, extended support hours and follow-up calls. Users also can choose to receive online chat support with remote assistance.

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