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iPhone 5 Finally Released – Follow the Live Coverage

Here's What We Already Know About The Apple iPhone 5

Less than 45 minutes are left till the official announcement of the long awaited iPhone 5. We still don’t know what it’s name is going to be so we will stick to iPhone 5 till it’s officially announced.


So, if you have not yet read about what we already know about the yet to be released flagship of Apple, I suggest you start reading it here. It would be great to know what we expected and what Apple is going to release. With all these rumors around the net for the past months, this release is surely going to surprise many.


Digimunch has decided to put a live coverage of the iPhone 5 release here itself. If you want to follow the live event, you can watch everything here and you can share your comments and debate about the upcoming phone.


So let the countdown Begin! Just 45 minutes before Launch. :D


UPDATE 1: The Event Has Started. Let the Show Begin!

UPDATE 2: The Event Has Ended. Read the Hands-On of the new iPhone 5 Here. It covers everything you need to know about the iPhone 5 so far.


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