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iPhone 5 gets teardown treatment

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Whenever a new Apple gadget is released, one of the most fun prerelease events is when folks over at iFixit teardown the new device to show us what’s inside. Since the release of the first Apple computers back in 70-80s Apple has manufactured each and every one of it’s gadget in such a way that they look equally beautiful from inside as they look from the outside and iPhone 5 is no exception.


Not only the tear down process enables us to see how Apple devices look from inside but they also tell us some secrets Apple doesn’t want us to know. While opening the phone’s screws iFixit found out that Apple has used the same screws it has been using since iPhone 4, which made it convenient for these people who were tearing apart it’s components. Also during it’s operation iFixit found out that it’s easier to remove the front panel of iPhone 5 using a suction pump just like iPhone 3GS. This will make repairing the iPHone 5 much easier than iPhone 4S. iFixit even called iPhone 5 ‘the most repairable iPhone ever’ thanks to the easiness it could be opened.


After opening the new iPhone 5, iFixit found that it features a 3.8V – 5.45Wh - 1440mAh battery that is capable of providing up to 8 hours on 3G and up to 225 hours of standby time.


iPhone 5 features a LTE chip that comes from Qualcomm, and is powered by an A6 processor that has been designed by Apple itself. It features Quad Core graphics power and Dual Core processing power.


Apple has also included a new smaller dock connector in iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G, when iFixit took it out from iPhone 5 they noted that it was so small that it could easily be swallowed by the older 30 pin connector of iOS devices.


At the end iFixit gave 7.7 points out of 10 when it comes to repairability of iPhone 5. This score obtained by iPhone 5 is pretty good considering how hard Apple tries to keep tweakers and repairers out out it’s devices.  You can enjoy the whole teardown operating by iFixit by hitting the source link below.



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