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LG’s purported Nexus Phone spotted in the wild


There were several reports regarding the new Nexus phone being produced by none other than LG. Previously Google has released the flagship Android phone with Samsung and HTC, and now many believe that this might be LG’s turn to grab the Nexus spotlight. Previously it was reported by several sources that LG’s Optimus G will be the Nexus phone of this year in the US, but that doesn’t seem to be the case right now thanks to the new photos that have appeared on the web. The gallery of leaked photos was posted on XDA-Developers forums that clearly show the front of the new device. The leaked device resembles to the Optimus G smartphone and appears to have a 4.7-inch screen.


The phone’s About screen that is also visible in one of the photos show a model number that says Fully Jellybean on Mako (its a type of shark), which is something Google has been using on its flagship smartphones. The labels that are visible on the phone show a model number of E960.





Apart from the images leaked on XDA-Developers forum, some more photos were posted on a Russian forum that give us a closer look at this device’s back. These new photos give us an idea about the phone’s shape, that looks similar to Galaxy Nexus’s rounded shape and glossy back panel.






LG’s Nexus Phone is expected to get announced later this month. Then we will know for sure if LG is getting a chance to release a Nexus device or these reports are nothing more than wildly reported rumors.



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