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Microsoft confirms event dates for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8


Microsoft has got two big events scheduled for later this month that are the most important for the company considering its recent history. The company has confimed and sent out invitations for two seperate events to the media that are going to take place on October 25 and 29. In the first event Redmond based tech giant will officially introduce the press with its desktop and tablet operating system called Windows 8. Windows 8 as you might know will succeed Windows 7 and will bring a new life to Windows Operating system. It features Windows Phone inspired tiles, apps, and features that are going to be included in Windows for the first time ever.


On October 29  Microsoft will hold its second event to release Windows Phone 8 for mobile phones. This new verison of Windows Phone features better tiles, tons of new features, and more power. There has been some criticism on Microsoft for not supporting current Windows Phone devices in the latest WP8 update. Many companies including Nokia, HTC, and Samsung have already announced the hardware for Windows Phone 8 software and those phones will become available right after the new version of software is released by Microsoft.




The Windows 8 event that is going to take place On October 25 will be held in New York City while the second one in which Windows Phone 8 is going to be announced will be held in San Francisco on October 29.


This is considered to be the defining time for Microsoft and its Windows and Windows Phone platforms as these two products will have an huge impact on company’s future.

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