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Nokia Windows 8 Handsets to be Launched during Nokia World 2012

Nokia Windows 8 handsets to be launched during Nokia World 2012

Lately officials of Nokia had said that they are going to quit the Symbian operating system and will focus only on Windows Mobile phones.Well, at the moment no one can accertain if it is a wise decision by one of the leading mobile manufacturing company or not.


There are many speculations going around regarding the downfall of Nokia as they are too arrogant to adopt the latest hit Android which has taken the whole world in its charm. When we talk about Android, the companies which strike our mind are Samsung and HTC as they both are fighting for the top spot followed by Sony. It would be for the own good of Nokia if they put aside their ego and opt for Android as their primary operating system but at the moment it does not appear to happen. According to experts if things do not go well for Nokia then we might see the exit of Nokia from the market pretty soon.


However, Nokia is all set to focus on Windows phones and they have announced to launch their windows 8 phones in the Nokia world next month. The Nokia world 2012 will kick off from 5th September in which Nokia will display its Windows 8 handsets and will let the world know about its future plans clearly. The fans of Nokia are eagerly waiting for the Nokia World 2012 as they expect something bigger and special Nokia.


Nokia will overhaul its Lumia series and will release new handsets for sale during the holiday season. This might prove helpful in boosting Nokia’s sale and they might be able to generate hefty revenue. It is actually a great tactic by the company which might prove economically beneficial for the company. Honestly speaking it is very important for the company’s survival that windows 8 phones do well in the market otherwise we might see Nokia going out of the market after ruling it for many years.


Looking at the commitment of the Nokia, it can be said that company is not ready to give away anything easily. The question at the moment is which mobile phone carriers are going to be the part of Windows 8 handsets. Well, if the reports and speculations have to be believed then one can expect Verizon to partner Nokia in the latest windows phone. We are quite familiar with the fact that Nokia has always been quite friendly with AT&T and T-Mobile so, there are strong chances that we might see new Nokia devices on these networks as well. Looking at the present scenario it can be concluded that Verizon is a strong contender to partner with Nokia since it is a very faithful Windows phone contractor for years.


Actually no one knows what awaits us. The hype and excitement is building up with every passing day but one has to wait till the launch of new devices during the Nokia World 2012. It will clear everything and we will come to know which carrier will be involved with Nokia.


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