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Photos Of iPad Mini Mock Up Allegedly Reveal Design Details

Photos of iPad mini mock up allegedly reveal design details

A set of photos have emerged on the internet that allegedly reveal the design details of the rumored iPad mini device. The photos that were posted on a Chinese site show the front as well as the back of the device. This particular mock up falls in line with what has already been reported about Apple’s smaller tablet device. Although this mock up does not reveal a lot new about the device and does not even confirms whether such device exists or not, it enables us to get an idea about how an iPad with 7.85-inch screen size will look like when held in hand.


As you can see in the images, the purported mock up features a design that is similar to the 9.7-inch iPad, but also has some differences. For example the side bezel on the device is much thinner than the bezel found on iPad 2 and iPad 3. On the bigger iPad the bezels are almost equal on all sides, but as previously reported and appearent in this mock up the iPad mini’s side bezels will be thinner than the top and bottom sides. Giving the device a more similar look to iPod touch and iPhone than the iPad.


Apple is holding an event tomorrow to unveil the new iPhone 5, however it is extremely unlikely that iPad mini will be announced in tomorrow’s event. iPad mini that is expected to launch in October will most likely feature a 7.85-inch screen, dual cameras, iPad 2 like processor and internal specs, new dock connector, and more. It is expected to carry a price tag of $250-$299. Nothing is confirmed about it though, and we cannot say with certainity about it’s existence.




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