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Production reports and leaked parts hint at iPad mini launch

iPad mini digitizer feat

As iPhone 5 has been released in the market, iPad mini has become the most anticipated device in the tech industry. iPad mini that hasn’t been announced by Apple yet has been grabbing headlines from past few months with reports about its design, specs, and pricing leaking at different parts of the web. Now WSJ, which is US’s very reputable news organization reports that the mass production of iPad mini has started at Apple’s supply chain and the device will be launched soon. WSJ citing someone who is close to Apple’s supply chain writes that the new smaller device has a screen that measures 7.85-inch and features lower resolution that iPad 3′s Retina display. This reports by WSJ has surfaced after CNN’s Fortune reported about Apple holding an event on October 17 to announce a smaller iPad.


Another iPad mini related news has surfaced on the web, but this one is from a less established source so take it as a grain of salt. A site called UkrainianiPhone has posted photos of what it claims to be legitimate iPad mini parts. The site has posted three images of parts that include the digitizer, frame and aluminum housing for the device. We have attached the images posted by this site below for you too see.


iPad mini if launched will pose a serious threat to cheaper tablets by Google and Amazon that are popular among consumers who like tablets with smaller form factor. Apple’s iPad mini tablet is expected to be priced at around $199-299.


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