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Rovio teases Angry Birds with Star Wars twist. To be announced October 8th

Angry Birds star wars

All you Angry Birds and Star Wars fans out there, I have got a fantastic news for you all. Rovio that is the developer of popular multiplatform game Angry Birds has teased a new version of Angry Birds that could possibly feature Star Wars twist. Through its official Twitter account Rovio released an image of a dark Angry Bird wearing a Star Wars like costume and holding the signature Star Wars light sword. Rovio has not revealed the specifics of the game yet other than a GIF image that features the light sword going on and off.


On the Tumblr page Rovio says that it will be releasing behind the scene content, animations, comics, and other stuff while hinting at the following GIF image. It is unknown at this point of time whether the Star Wars themed game will be a stand alone title of Angry Birds or it will be released as an update to existing Angry Birds Space title. The later one seems more likely to us.


Here’s what Rovio has written on its official Tumblr page:


Welcome to the Angry Birds Tumblr page. Over the next few weeks we’ll have behind-the-scenes content, animations, comics, and much, much more. But what will this all be about exactly?! Here’s a clue…



At the bottom of the image Rovio has listed date and time for an event at Toy R Us in Time Square. New York that will take place on October 8th at 10AM, without revealing any further detail.

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