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Sony Playstation 4 Officially Launched

Playstation 4 Released

Sony has been teasing the future of the Playstation for weeks and the Playstation 4 release was highly anticipated by enthusiasts but we were still not sure. Finally,Sony has officially released its Playstation 4 at the event held in the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York’s Manhattan Center, yesterday.  This next-gen gaming platform has been designed to “shift focus from the living room to the gamer”, Sony said. However, with the Playstation 4 revealed, Sony has only pointed out that the Playstation 4 will be on sale for Christmas but the price of the Playstation 4 has not been made public yet. We would expect the price of the Playstation 4 to be as from $$599 and higher depending on the disk space. CEO of Sony, Andrew House, said the new console will create “experiences that surpass gamers’ wildest expectations.”


According to Mark Cerny, the lead architect of the Playstation 4, Sony has been working on the next-gen platform for 5 years, that is even before the PS3 was launched.





So, let’s take a look at the Playstation 4 design. The first apparent change in the Playstation 4 design is its controller. Having decided to change the console industry, Sony has finally decided to change or ,as many would say, updated the design of its good ol’ PS2/PS3 controller design. The new controller boasts of a curvier design, has got a touchpad and a blue reflector strip that will interact with the Playstation 4 Eye Camera, making the controller a powerful asset of the Playstation 4, by creating a motion-sensing system. On top of that, Sony has made it possible for the controller to connect with Smartphones, thus enabling users to interact easier and control the Playstation 4 interface with their phone.


Cerny said, on stage, that the platform is “by game creators for game creators. It is a powerful and accessible system”. Cerny also explain that the Playstation 4 is “like a PC, but supercharged”. The Playstation 4 is is based on the X86 CPU and comes loaded with a whooping 8GB of memory and a local hard drive. Sony has made a great decision of using the APU technology and GDDR5 memory for the graphics. This technology, which is commonly used in top-notch graphics cards, will be used in the Playstation 4. So gamers, get ready to experience the New Console Era.


Looking back into “history”, not later than last year, Sony acquired the company Gaika which developed a technology allowing games to be hosted in the cloud and streamed via internet and they have incorporated this great piece of technology in he Playstation 4, thus making possible to have backwards compatibility of Playstation, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 without the use of backward-compatibility chips. That would definitely help lower the production costs of the Playstation 4. Recording your gameplay will be as easy as pressing the “Share” button on your controller.


Sony has really thought of everything by making the Playstation 4 simple, immediate, social, integrated and personalized. The User-Interface is definitely Epic.


The PS4 includes a secondary chip for uploading and downloading in the background making it possible to play digital games while downloading them. How cool is that? Hat’s off, Sony! The Playstation 4 also supports suspending and reloading play sessions.


With the boom in social networking, Sony also gives the users profile pages just like Facebook, to share interact, chat with friends, view their trophies and lots and lots more.





The Playstation 4 will porter a new bunch of games with lifelike graphics, connecting the virtual world of gamers better than anytime before. However, Sony will not be having 2013 only for it. Apparently, Microsoft will unveil it’s Xbox 360 predecessor at the E3 Show in Los Angeles this June and that too will probably hit the shelves for Christmas, and once again unleashing the clash of the Console Titans to reveal the Console King for the years to come.


Stay tuned for the full, detailed review of the Playstation 4.

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