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The Multipurpose Glove Tricorder Medical Gadget

The Multipurpose Glove Tricorder Medical Gadget

Gone are the days when you have to spend the whole day waiting in a hospital waiting room. If you are very prudent with your time and you just can’t afford to sit around waiting for a doctor to attend to you, you can always get your self diagnosed at home; thanks to Glove Tricorder.


This technologically advanced medical gadget is planned to enable you check for lumps by yourself with time. If you need to check for such lumps in an attempt to prevent cancer, you do not need to go to a hospital. With the aid of his gadget you will be able to do the needed examination by yourself.


This gadget is an improvement over the earlier Power Glove. It is less embarrassing than the latter and is more technologically advanced. It is therefore expected to give more value for your money. Instead of going for the old one, you should change your mind and lay your hands on this one for better performance.


The medical gadget includes lots of sensors that make its function very reliable. Some of such sensors are temperature modules, pressure modules, accelerometer and several others. It is one gadget you will love to have handy in case of eventualities.


The gadget is still going thorough various developmental phases. With time, the manufactures are considering adding an ultrasound pad on the gadget. The ultrasound feature will make it possible for physicians to easily examine your innards during diagnosis. Such an addition will make the Glove Tricoder the first of its kind in the medical world.


This gadget will prove to be very useful for training doctors in patient examination processes. The end goal of the makers is to produce a medical gadget that every Tom, Dick and Harry on the street can posses for examining lumps and other medical emanations right at home.

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