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The New Video Call App For Better Value by Zoom.us

The New Video Call App For Better Value by Zoom.us

Zoom.us is specially prepared for those who want to make video calls. It does not only give you access to video calls, but it permits group video calls. With this program, you can make video calls to as many as 15 individuals at the same time. This is far beyond what several such programs had been able to offer.


With programs like Skype, Tango and Apple FaceTime, you will not have the same value offered by Zoom.us. The other programs earlier mentioned make it possible for you to make such calls to single individuals. If you want to use Microsoft Skype for the same purpose, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $10. Even at that, you are only permitted to make video calls to only 10 people at the same time. But Zoom.us provides the same service and gives you access to up to 15 people for video calls at the same time.


If you want to commune with members of your family living in different parts of the world or you are a business executive that wants to commune with other executive members of your company located at different branches, you will find this program very useful for your purpose. If you just want to chat with your friends from different locations at the same time, this video call service is something you will find very useful. It gives you better service than what you can get from several other such service providers.

This video program is made by Zoom Video Communications located at Silicon Valley. The company is somewhat new. The program can be used over Wi-Fi and wireless internet connections. It can also be used on 3G and 4G connections.


With time, an android version of Zoom.us is expected to hit the market. But for now, you can use it on ipad and iPhone. It can also be used on Windows based computers and Mac. Anyone using Zoom.us on Mac or Windows can also communication with someone using the program on ipad or iphone.


Aside video calling, this program also permits other activities. You can do text chatting with it. Aside this, you can share computer screen with those you are communicating with. Many of the other programs that had been available before this do not have same value as Zoom.us. Anyone in need of more value in video calling will think of Zoom.us first ahead of others.


As time goes on, Zoom Video Communication may decide to impose a charge on those using the program. But for now, it is available for free. The feature included in Zoom.us work well. The video quality is also very high. There is fear that increase in number of users may slow down video call. But the company has strongly denied such a possibility.


You only need to download the zoom app on your device; be it PC or iphone. The downloading processes are also very simple and ease. Visit http://Zoom.us and follow the simple instructions on the site to get things done.

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